Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a professional pest control service?

Some pests are not a quick fix and need ongoing maintenance that you may not be aware of. We are experienced in this field of work and have obtained wisdom on services and pests through our many years of providing pest control. It's what we do for a living as licensed professionals--spend your time doing other things and leave it to the experts to do it for you and do it right!

Would you recommend bug bombs that are sold over the counter?

Bombing is the worst thing you can do for your house - the chemicals seep into the walls and can cause health issues and skin conditions over time. What you may not know is that by bombing your home your introducing the pests to a different environment and one thing bugs, especially cock roaches, are used to it's adapting to their environment and they will come back. They have survived nuclear bombs, they will survive bug bombs.

Also, once you've bombed your home and you choose to get a pest expert to come out to your home to finish the job; chemical adverse issues may increase your fees.

Is this safe for my family and pets?

We use organic based products but we emphasize the fact that once it's dried, then its safe. Not harmful unless ingested so please keep infants and dogs away from services involving baseboard spraying for the allotted time given to you by the specialist.

Do I have to leave my home when you provide service?

Only for bed bug services and flying insects

How soon before we can expect results?

We ask that you allow 21 days for our services to start working. A 30 day warranty is provided with any of our services to ensure your satisfaction

How do German roaches differ from other types of roaches?

German roaches are not only one of the most crafty type of roach but they are also the hardest type to exterminate. They are considered "master travelers" because they can survive in any country and travel internationally. They are brought into your home from shipping companies because they thrive in a consistent temperature that most warehouses obtain. They are also drawn to cheap building material and glue. Our specialists are equip with this knowledge and know everything there is to know about these pests-especially how to get them out of your house!