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Do You Have a Roach Problem? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put off Hiring a Roach Control Service.


The sight of scurrying roaches as you switch on the kitchen lights at night is one the can fill some with high anxiety. Yet, there are things far worse than the sight itself. Roaches spread dangerous bacteria, contaminate your food, and survive DIY elimination attempts.


There are more than 4,000 cockroach species worldwide, but in America, we have two main types: American Cockroaches and German Cockroaches. American roaches are reddish-brown and grow to about 1.5 inches. They generally live outdoors in places like garbage heaps. German Cockroaches are light brown and less than an inch in size.


Cockroaches feed at night, so if you see one during the day, you likely have a significant infestation on your hands. They like dark, moist places and hide behind sinks, refrigerators, stoves, inside appliances, underfloor drains, within wall cracks, and behind wallpaper.


Infestations can be hard to prevent in areas where water is accessible, and food is prepared. Roaches have developed immunity to the aerosol sprays sold in stores and to DIY measures in general. They feed on practically anything, even the glue used for book covers, which is why people see them scurrying on and around their bookshelves. Because they consume waste, they contaminate everything they come into contact with on a property.


study published on the website of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health reveals 38 fungi species were recovered from the American, German, and Brown Banded Cockroaches. The global trend of fungal roach contamination was 50.6-84.1  in human dwelling environments. Roach fungi contamination is associated with high morbidity in immune-compromised individuals. However, fungi are dangerous pathogens that can damage your health even if your immune system is stable. These facts, along with increasing roach infestation and insecticide resistance emergence, reveal an urgent need to bring these insects under control professionally. What's more, Southeast Texas is a semi-tropical area, and roaches thrive in our mild winters and humid environment.


Don’t let embarrassment stop you from reaching out to us for help. Cockroach infestations must be professionally handled as soon as possible. Katy Pest Control assesses each infestation to determine the necessary measures. We use the latest cockroach control technology. We will evaluate your roach problem and establish and apply the most effective approach depending on your specific situation.


We offer different service frequencies based on your business or household needs. Treatment plans can be customized to ensure the most effective treatment in your unique situation. Usually, a cockroach control service needs to carry out at least two treatments of your property to make sure these unwanted visitors never come back. 


We at Katy Pest Control also tailor our treatments. Whether it is aerosol, heat, chemical, dust, or another method, our roach control service will solve your problem and take care of these pests once and for all. You can rest assured you’ll never have to worry about contamination or experience the horror of these nightmarish creatures dashing across your dinner table. Call us today for a free estimate.