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We'll take care of your termite infestation

Every year, termites cost American billions of dollars in structural damage. A termite colony can eat up to 15 lbs. of wood in a single week, and a termite queen can live for a decade. If you've noticed tunnels through your wood, damaged paint, warped wood or discarded termite wings on your property, you may have a termite infestation.

To get rid of these damaging pests, call Katy Pest Control in Fulshear & Katy, TX today. We'll take care of them quickly to prevent further damage to your home.

termite mound

Providing effective pest control services

When you need an effective termites treatment, rely on our expert. We'll eliminate the termites on your property with:

  • Thorough baiting-we'll install bait stations every 12 feet around your property
  • Regular monitoring-we'll check bait stations twice a year
  • Free replacements-we'll replace any disrupted bait stations
We'll use Dow chemicals in your traps to eliminate your termite infestation effectively. There is a one-time installation fee for baiting stations, and we charge a flat monthly termites treatment fee. Contact us now for more information on our termite treatment process.

Termites are the most considerable pest disturbance to homeowners in the U.S. Every single year, termites cost billions of dollars in damages to homes, office building, and virtually any other kind of wood-based building.


Part of what makes the termite so destructive is their social behavior. Like bees, they live and work in "hive" type colonies. When they go unnoticed, their massive colonies can not only inflict significant damage but they can completely destroy a wooden structure (they can consume up to 15 pounds of wood in a single week). Keep in mind that, in addition to wood, termites can also eat dirt, plants, PVC tubing, fabric, and drywall – so they do not only pose a threat to the structure of your home, but your plumbing, and even your garden. They may also be attracted to other fibrous materials such as your cotton fabrics and paper products in the home.


On average, a termite queen can live for up to 10 years or more. If you currently have an infestation of termites, without professional help, they won't be going away any time soon. This means that you could be stuck with a termite infestation for years and be unaware until it is too late – it's how they've earned their nickname, the "silent destroyer."

If you suspect that your home has been subject to the damage of a termite infestation, a few signs that you may be right include the appearance of mud tunnels or patches called "coverings," inexplicably damaged paint, and warped doors. These are all signs that the termites have been actively consuming the wooden framing of your home and establishing a home territory.


Flying termites have long wings and are reproductive termites. If you spot a swarm of these or piles of discarded wings, you can be sure that the termites are reproducing in or near your home, and it is urgent to call Katy Pest Control right away. 


Subterranean Termites are by far the most destructive variation of termites in the United States. Although they are more concentrated in the Southeastern US, these termites are prevalent in Texas. Because of all the different materials, living conditions, and food sources termites are drawn to, outside of professional, experienced help, there is little you can do to guarantee your home's defenses against this pest.


At the first sign of termites be proactive, and call Katy Pest Control. With our Termite Protection Services, we will perform a thorough inspection of your home and identify any ongoing issues that may be affecting your home and develop a preventative plan to keep your home safe and termite free.


Based on our plan of action, we may recommend applying treatment to the walls of your home, in the soil, attic, or underneath your house or other building. Our treatment involves various products and techniques that we have mastered over the years. Protect your structure today with preventative control or active treatment by scheduling an inspection with Katy Pest Control.