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From mice and rats to termites and cockroaches, pests are more than just pesky. These creatures can also create dangerous health hazards. For example, cockroaches can carry diseases and aggravate asthma and allergies. Pests can also cause extensive damage to crops, livestock and property. A swarm of sugarcane aphids could create a loss of $65 per acre overnight.

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You can count on us for comprehensive and affordable pest control services. We can make short work of ants, fire ants, wasps, cockroaches, rodents and spiders. After your initial inspection and treatment, we'll:

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  • Check your property at a later date
We'll make sure no pests return to your property. If you need a rodent control company, contact us now.

From mice and rats to termites, pests are more than just pesky. There's a reason the word "pest" itself brings a negative connotation to mind. The creatures are not only annoying and frustrating, they can also be extremely dangerous.


Even the federal government has a list of bugs and animals it has identified as pests because of the public health risk they pose. For instance, most people know that cockroaches are dirty and can spread disease; but did you know they also contribute to asthma and other allergies? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says diseases transmitted from mosquito, tick, and flea bites have tripled over the past decade and believe the U.S. isn't fully prepared for that. Are you?


Many pests can also cause expensive and irreparable harm to your crops and livestock, and your home and garden. For instance, the Texas Farm Bureau says sugarcane aphids alone can create a $65 loss per acre, which resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of damage to Texas crops in just six years. They infest forests, farms, and fields; they can obstruct waterways, and they damage wildlife habitat; potentially pushing other pests onto your property and into your home in a search for food and shelter. Termite damage can number in the billions. That's why the USDA says combating pest infestation is an absolute must. 


Although pests are unsightly, the Environmental Protection Agency says they don't necessarily signify a dirty home. An open container that hasn't been rinsed out properly and was left in a recycling bin is enough to attract a swarm of ants overnight. Cockroaches can sneak in through the tiniest crack and flood into the kitchen to feast on the remnant oil from a dish left in a sink. Crumbs on the floor can act as a siren's call for rodents, which can sneak in through air vents. We're all human, and little accidents like that are impossible to avoid entirely. A puddle of water pooled up in your backyard after a heavy rain can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes that will get out of control in a heartbeat.


Southeast Texas is a semi-tropical environment, with hot, humid weather that pests thrive in. Texas Parks and Wildlife says there are over 210 species of ants alone in the state! The Texas State Archives Commission says rodents and bugs can even be attracted to the glue that binds together your books and can eat through the paper and leather binding. All those bugs that are dangerous and damaging are far too much to manage on your own. The good news is, you don't have to.


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