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Get rid of creepy crawlers with spider control services in Fulshear, Katy & Houston, TX

Spiders are bountiful in Texas. The combination of hot, humid weather and the abundance of food sources, creates the perfect breeding ground for spiders to flourish. Their main prey is the nuisance insects that homeowners don’t want. So, having spiders around your home can be a beneficial relationship. However, when left unchecked during the summer months, homeowners are at high risk for spider infestations. As a result of this population boom, when the seasons begin to change, the spiders in your yard start migrating to warmer areas. 


When you begin to experience spiders in large numbers, it can be very unsettling. Homeowners will spend hundreds of dollars on DIY solutions, only to discover that they don’t work. Despite what the internet says, no amount of essential oils, lavender, or store-bought chemicals will solve a spider infestation. Your time and money are important; don’t waste it on unreliable pest control solutions. You cannot naturally get rid of spiders, let a professional help you with proven spider control services.


An integrated approach to pest management proves most effective when managing the presence of spiders. An Integrated Pest Management plan involves three basic steps that address your spider infestation. The first step in any IPM is to inspect the property. We will identify all points of entry, food and water sources, and breeding grounds. Following the inspection, the identification process begins. Our experienced professionals determine the species of spider. Finally, you’ll receive an individualized treatment plan. In most cases, depending on the outcome of the inspection, a curative or preventative measure will be discussed. Once the spider’s path into the house has been identified and blocked, eliminating the spiders inside is next. 


One of the most common spider infestations involves the Wolf Spider. These spiders are nomadic and seek out food sources. During the colder months, Wolf Spiders are often located in and around homes or garages. When summer months cause populations to soar, it can be difficult to treat yourself. Protect your home from these spiders with the help of proven preventive measures from Katy Pest Control.


Another spider that wreaks havoc on Texas homeowners is the Brown Recluse. Their venom is highly toxic to humans. You must call in professional help to eliminate the dangers of Brown Recluse Spiders. These spiders are difficult to eradicate because of their secretive habits. Any dark, undisturbed space is a potential habitat for these dangerous spiders. 


When you begin to find spiders in your home, don’t waste your time on solutions that don’t work. Don’t fall victim to the DIY hype. When you compare your time, energy, and money to that of hiring pest control services, it is well worth the investment of spider control services.

At Katy Pest Control, we offer a dedicated service to all our customers. We understand the frustration and fear that spiders bring to a home. 


Let us help you understand the issues and provide you with the confidence that your spider problems will be solved. Our team of skilled pest control agents will identify the entry points, type of spider, and provide you with a plan of action. Get the peace of mind with the #1 company for pest control services in Fulshear & Katy, Texas.