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Protect your home with rodent control services in Fulshear, Katy & Houston, TX

Rodents can be particularly damaging pests because of their high level of intelligence and mobility when compared to other pests such as termites. Although they do not occur in numbers nearly as high as these insects, they can inflict similar levels of damage and more. Rodents have greater accessibility to parts of your home than other pests might and have a considerably more extensive range of resources they may be targeting in your home, making rodent control services of high importance.


Something that makes rats, in particular, a more dangerous pest than many others, is their propensity to spread zoonotic diseases such as plague, Q Fever, Weil’s Disease, and Viral Hemorrhagic Fever. Although they do carry rabies, it is relatively rare for humans to acquire this disease from rats. Mice, due to their smaller size, have even greater flexibility in the parts of your home they can enter. They can become more invasive not only in the structure of your home but in various belongings, such as furniture and small storage areas.

Rodents like squirrels and chipmunks are a bane to homeowners with a propensity for gardening or that own bird feeders or butterfly havens. Squirrels are very well known for breaking into bird feeders or knocking them down to access the seeds inside and can also be found splashing in water feeders. It comes as no surprise that this very behavior attracts even more pests to your home, creating a domino effect. This may also lead to the introduction of larger predatory animals onto your property.


Rodents pose a significant threat to the average homeowner, especially to those in open, grassy areas like many cities in Texas. Residential areas, especially those with many garages (a cluttered storage space gives rodents many areas to hide in) are extremely susceptible to an infestation. 


Rodents operate year-round and can rapidly learn to avoid store-bought traps and other simple DIY prevention techniques. Even more importantly, rodents can produce quickly and in large numbers, so a population that is undetected for any length of time can promptly grow to be a much more significant threat. Squirrels can have up to 10 pups per litter.


If you suspect that there may be a rodent problem in your home or garden, call Katy Pest Control right away. We understand that a rodent infestation cannot be solved with typical pest control techniques. This issue is one that requires highly experienced care, meticulous attention, and a customized preventative or treatment plan.


In every inspection we provide regarding rodent control and removal, we start by inspecting the entire property for signs of rodent presence. Our rodent control services identify the type of rodent, locate and remove droppings, find points of entry, and create a customized removal and prevention plan for the safety and security of your home.


At Katy Pest Control, we understand how disturbing it can be to have a rodent infestation. Schedule an inspection and allow us to help you take back your home and health with our pest control maintenance program. Call us today.